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Considered by many, to be the most exotic travel destination in the world, New Zealand has emerged as a hot destination for businesses and people alike. If you are looking for cheap and quick ways to deliver your parcel to New Zealand, you came to the right place.

Whatever it is you want to send - Parcelabc will find the best way to deliver your package to New Zealand. Whatever traits your package may have, we will give you plenty of courier company services to choose from. Shipment to New Zealand from as far as UK can become problematic for an individual, but by trusting a dependable and result-oriented carrier company, you can instantly get the best offers for your Oceania bound parcels.

The quote will show the various offers from postage companies and the price for their services. If you choose a reliable postage partner like Parcelabc, you can be sure that your parcel is going to be handled by professionals with both care and precision.

Look at the quote to find out about a cheap way to transport a parcel from the UK to New Zealand with Parcelabc. Shipping and delivering parcels all across the world is very difficult, but if you read the information here on Parcelabc on what is legally allowed to be imported in New Zealand, we can guarantee that your parcel will reach the destination in New Zealand quickly and safely, no matter whether it is on the Southern Island or hundreds kilometres to the north - Auckland.

Posting to New Zealand from the UK happens either by airmail or by sea. What is more, a combination of both methods is also prominent by primary deliveries heading to Southern China, Singapore or even Australia, before being directed to New Zealand. Read Shipping from the UK to New Zealand to find out about the items New Zealand allows to be imported. New Zealand Customs Service protects the homeland from allowing any unwelcome or harmful materials and items.

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are all in your control. By choosing the preferred delivery method you enable yourself to get the most appealing price or shortest delivery times available. Parcelabc wants to become a reliable partner with regards to your shipments heading to New Zealand so we strive in finding cheap, quick and safe ways to get your parcels delivered.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to New Zealand?

Prices are calculated individually and might be a bit more expensive than local UK deliveries since the parcels have to travel a long distance until they reach New Zealand and have to sometimes clear more than one customs. Thankfully, you can fill in the quote on the website to get accurate information about the costs. But to sum up, all prices are calculated individually, depending on your particular parcel.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to New Zealand from the UK?

It depends on your particular parcel and the situation you are in. Some companies might offer cheapest express postage ways to New Zealand, while others might offer the cheapest available solution, it all depends on the destination and the parcel.

Postage to New Zealand from the UK: what can I send to New Zealand in a parcel?

New Zealand, similarly to Australia, strictly monitors the imported goods in order to protect its fragile and unique ecosystem. The New Zealand Customs Service has an extensive list of import restrictions and prohibitions. This list: (here) contains all of the prohibited and restricted items.


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